About Us:  
  Almost 50 years ago Rick Harrison began a career in Land Planning.  A few years later while developing land how critical engineering and surveying was to the process leading to a career path in those industries.  Software development was a hobby that led to founding Land Innovation, Inc. after Hewlett Packard called him to form a collaborative relationship.  Over 25 years ago Rick Harrison Site Design was formed as a research firm to solve growth solutions leading to pioneering innovations that has demonstrated more attractive and functional development and architecture solutions with both economic and environmental advantages.  The collection of these methods were made possible by developing new technology in concert with invention, led by Keith Willenson.  Today, the Harrison family which includes Adrienne and Adam have invested in the patented Land Mentor System – blending four decades of software design with proven solutions to solve major design and regulatory problems and move the land development industry into a new era of sustainable growth and redevelopment.  
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CAD & GIS results in mindless platting;  

LandMentor delivers mindblowing cities.


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